10 ways to do during the lockdown period


Hello! It’s almost two weeks (three weeks? Oh gosh, I lost the concept of time. LOL) since our government in the Philippines decided to have an enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) because of the COVID-19 pandemic case.

The majority of the companies allowed the setup of work from home, and aside from having 8 hours doing work at home, at least we need something to distract ourselves so we will not easily get bored, right?

That’s why I compiled tips for you to do during the lock down period, that I wish will help you to enhance your skills and also to learn new knowledge:

  1. Forget social media as one of your ways to lessen of being bored during the quarantine period. It is my number 1 tip for you guys if you want to start something and take advantage of the longer quarantine, we need to lessen the use of social media and start working for the things we want to do that will help ourselves grow.
  2. If you want to learn while at home, start to have an online class. I started a bookkeeping class in Edx last week, and I’m enjoying my lessons there. You can sign up here https://www.edx.org/ Take advantage of free online classes today! If you want to learn about trading, sign up an online class. Want to learn more about marketing strategies? Sign up for an online class, you have many options.
  3. Read. For us bookworms, it is the best time to lessen our to be read list, and to take advantage of the time we have by reading more books!
  4. Watch documentaries, series or movies
  5. Try journaling or morning pages. Since the ECQ, I started writing morning pages, and I’m writing without the worry that I will have too many erasures like a common journal. It is about writing whatever you have in your mind. I will share a blog post about the morning pages, and what I noticed in myself since I started it. 😊
  6. Listen to a podcast. I am enjoying listening to a podcast before the ECQ happened, and I will share with you that if I am in the mood of doing nothing, I just listened to one of my favorite podcast, and absorb all the entertainment and new knowledge I’m getting from it.
  7. Watch Tedx videos on youtube or in their app.
  8. Clean your house!
  9. Learn a new skill. Do you want to learn how to play a musical instrument? Photoshop? Editing? It is the best time to start it, and maybe it can be one of your favorite hobbies.
  10. And last, spend time with your family.

It’s just one of the ways to do during the quarantine period, and you can do so many things no matter what it is as long as it will make you happy.

And it is okay also to be lazy and just stare at your window doing nothing, it is not a competition of being productive, right? Just do what it feels right, and be yourself.

I hope you consider one of these tips and tell me soon if it helped you, okay?

Keep safe everyone!








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