#AUGVOCACY2018: Benefits of reading to me, and why you should read too?

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It’s #AugVocacy2018 time!!! I am so excited to be a part of this advocacy in which Shealea of That Bookshelft Bitch held. Augvocacy was created with year’s theme: “Fostering a culture of reading in the Philippines.”
And, I am really thankful that I became a part of this journey.
But before we go to my topic, see how the idea of #Augvocacy2018 starts. See the original post HERE.
Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this topic, as how I enjoyed writing it. 😊

When was the last time you pick a book and actually read it? When was the last time you really enjoyed reading because you really enjoyed it, and not because it was a requirement?
Those are the questions I’ve been meaning to ask, to my friends, co-worker, and even to strangers. Because I want them to realize, that if they are not reading, they actually lost lots of fun, exciting things while reading a book, and especially the unexpected benefits they will get from it.
But, before I get emotional, I will try my best to encourage you people by giving the benefits of reading to me, and why you should read too?
Benefit # 1: Stress Reduction
I’ve been working for almost four years, and my work sometimes has been stressful. That’s why aside from my family and friends, my ways of reducing stress is actually reading a book. At first I didn’t notice this, because I just want to read, but as I read before I go to sleep, I noticed that I sleep tightly and my stress from work reduces from the rating of 9 to 3.
Benefit # 2: Knowledge
Who said textbooks are the only source of knowledge? Who? Well, you didn’t actually know that the books used for leisures can also gives wider range of knowledge and lessons.
Benefit # 3: Vocabulary enhancement
Well, aside from the dictionary, reading books actually enhances and expands my knowledge in new words, and my grammar also. To be honest, I am not that totally good in terms of the English language, but reading is really helping in building my foundation to a better and fluent used of our international language.
Benefit # 4: Memory improvement
What? Is this true? Actually, it’s true. I can’t believe it at first, but as I search it before, reading actually helps in memory improvement. As we grow “old” we are capable of forgetting things or events, even short and long term memories tend to be forgotten. I noticed since I started reading, when I tried to remember something, my brain actually blinks and then kabam! Even the vivid details stays in my memory. The secret is *whispers* because I read.
The mentioned above are just the major benefits of reading to me. If I will actually elaborate it all, I don’t know if I will finish it before the #AugVocacy2018 starts. Hehe.
Now that I listed the benefits to you, I hope you will get inspired to pick a book, read and actually enjoy it. Because I assure you, you need to read a book in your life, I am not forcing you, but actually I am really FORCING you. 😁
But, this is the most important message I want you to see…



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  • There will be two (2) winners, one (1) Filipino winner, one (1) INT’L winner (as long as Book Depository ships to you.)
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