{Book Review} Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan

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Title: Counting by 7s
Author: Holly Goldberg Sloan
Format: Digital copy




I decide that when my head begins to pound from now on, I will shut my eyes and count to 7, instead of by 7’s.

I became in a reading slump for weeks, and to get rid of the slump I decided to pick a book that interests me. And then suddenly, I found this gem because aside from the fact that my book friends I know loved it, the first few paragraphs really mesmerized me that I can’t put the story down.

So here was the story all about, I will give just a few summaries of the story because I want you to read and be amazed how ‘’Counting by 7’s” was so good.

Willow Chance was not a normal 12-year-old girl. She was not like the other girls who at that age checks magazines to know the latest fashion, checking cute boys or wants to become a popular girl in their school, she was a GENIUS.

Instead of girl magazines, she wants to take care of her garden; she wants to discover new things that interest her. For others, she was weird and not normal, but for her parents, she was a blessing.

Because of her weirdness as what her classmates think of her, the teacher sent her to a child specialist because of one incident during her test. But she didn’t know that it was the start of changes in her life.

I declare that this story is now added to my favorites this 2018.

It’s been a long time since a story made me feel so many emotions in one just book.

During 20-30% of the story, at first, I’d think that it was just an ordinary story. But when I see the deeper side and the deeper meaning it wants to portray, I started to appreciate it.

The characters were so good that I love them all!

They have their own special part in Willow’s life. Though they were different in race and beliefs, when it comes to Willow they became as one. If not because of them, I think Willow can’t move on after the challenges she encountered in her life.

For the story, aside from the fact that I really enjoyed reading it and the emotions it gave to me, it was easy for me to understand the author wants to convey. As a reader, I also appreciate the simplicity of words used, because it became a big help for me to love the book more.

I love this book so much! I love the characters, and the lessons it wants to express.

I will not forget it, and the lessons will remain in my heart forever.

I am proud to recommend this book for all the readers out there!


img_273768Willow Chance is a twelve-year-old genius, obsessed with nature and diagnosing medical conditions, who finds it comforting to count by 7s. It has never been easy for her to connect with anyone other than her adoptive parents, but that hasn’t kept her from leading a quietly happy life…until now.
Suddenly Willow’s world is tragically changed when her parents both die in a car crash, leaving her alone in a baffling world. The triumph of this book is that it is not a tragedy. This extraordinarily odd, but extraordinarily endearing, the girl manages to push through her grief. Her journey to find a fascinatingly diverse and fully believable surrogate family is a joy and a revelation to read.

My favorite part in the story was how the characters around Willow Chance changed their lives. Since Willow became a part of their lives, their own perspective towards it suddenly unfolds. It became meaningful; they now see life as a hope rather than a challenge. And me too, Willow changed my outlooks in life and this girl really became an inspiration for me.

“When you care about other people, it takes the spotlight off your own drama.” – Willow Chance


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