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Author: Michele Wesley

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Publication date: July 17, 2015

3.5 Stars



Cheating death gave Sori the ability to switch off her emotions at will, making her the ultimate killing machine. Recruited into a top secret spy organization, she quickly becomes one of their best agents. An assignment leads her into a world of mayhem as she trails the deadliest criminal she’s ever had to hunt. Forced to unleash her inner-monster, Sori realizes that her emotional switch is minor compared to the beast she keeps hidden within.

Agent Mycale Phillips’ is new to the spy world, but his reputation is deadly. His attraction to Sori is instantaneous. As her new partner, he discovers that Sori leaves a trail of bodies no matter where she goes. Following her lead spiked in his body count, but Mycale soon learns that a touch of evil is necessary for survival in a world of Smoke & Fire.
Will secret abilities they are determined to hide from each other be enough to pull them from the clutches of Death?


My thoughts

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

“I understand completely. I’d hoped for a different outcome, but I knew, being who we are in this world, doing the kind of jobs we do, that we can’t be anything but warriors.”

Smoke and Fire by Michele Wesley was an adult paranormal romance story. It was all about Sori, who has a nickname SMOKE because of her ability to move like—SMOKE when she was doing every assignment assigned to her. She was a TOP secret agent hired by a secret agency to know and somehow kill the persons behind some murderous crimes. Grew being aloof and without a family, she made her emotions easily shut off. Not only it was the reason for that, but also when she was younger, she was strike by a bullet straight in her head and fortunately she survived. But, it became one of the reasons that she easily shut her emotions. Until, she met her half-brothers that made her completely live again, and also the arrival of a guy name Mycale; a mysterious guy with a hidden secrets also. Will they be able to hide their secrets for longer? And how those secrets affect their growing relationship?

I just read this book in a day, and I can’t believe I am easily indulged in the idea of this story; with some exciting parts that peeking every turn of the page, and making you swoon in a combination. I just admired how Michele Wesley wrote this book with such easiness. But, there were some parts that I just noticed; first, the character of Sori here—I revered her character; however it felt like she wasn’t real for me. Too much strong personality made her like she wasn’t that person. Yes, I like her built up in this story, but it just seems a little bit off. Somehow, the chemistry between Sori and Mycale was indeed okay for me. Honestly, it really made me swoon at some parts, while there were unnecessary scenes that I hope it wasn’t included in there. And there were still answerable questions that leave me hanging at the end of the story. It’s just like a hole at the centre of the pedestrian lane; asking thy self, why it was there? Why they put this and such? Still, it was great to read this kind of story. All in all, I still liked it; but as I said I hope it made really clear or answered at each parts of the story. Still, it was thumbs up for me. And thank you again Ms. Michele Wesley for this great opportunity! 🙂


About the author:


 She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and grew up on Elm Hall Sugarcane Plantation just out-side the small Cajun town of Napoleonville. A graduate of Northwestern State University, LA and currently reside in Franklin, VA with her fiance, a Retired Veteran and Author who writes Inspirational books. She was proudly served on active duty in the military with deployments to Iraq and Kuwait. After completing her military service, she worked as a Department of Defense Contractor for two Fortune 500 companies in Baghdad, Iraq, Kuwait, and Bagram, Afghanistan. She have had the opportunity to travel the world, visiting and touring over twenty different countries. When she was not writing, she works a full-time day job and looking for the next best travel destination.

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Twitter: momentcapturer1



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