Book Review | Stealing Candy by Stewart Lewis

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Author: Stewart Lewis

Publication Date: May 2, 2017

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Format: Digital

Pages: 288 pp.

Date Finished: June 12, 2017


Candy hates boarding school. As a junior, graduation is still eons away, and making films is the only way to survive the boredom. Until she is kidnapped.
Candy panics. Along Came a Spider, Ransom, Taken, Cellular… Candy knows how these movies end. The only reason anyone would abduct her is to get a payout from her rock star father. Except for Candy and her father are estranged. There’s no way he’s going to pay.
But with every hour that passes, Candy’s fear slowly recedes. Being on the road is freeing, not to mention great material for a new documentary. And the more time she spends with her handsome captor Levon, the more she learns the whole scheme is not just about the ransom. It’s about revenge. What began as a kidnapping is spiraling into a crazy road trip adventure as Candy and Levon find a lot of wrong ways to do the right thing.



“…the road really is a chance. A chance for what? I don’t know. But something is better than nothing, and the fact that tomorrow is a blank canvas on which could be painted is both scary and thrilling.”

You just want to go home to find some peace and space by yourself, and unexpectedly some people abducted you, what will you do?

Candy was living a normal life, going to school, editing her videos, went home to her grandmother and so on. Candy hates her father, who was a lead vocalist of Black Angels band. Until her mother died, her father decided to leave Candy at her grandmother at a young age. Candy grew up without a mother and a father besides her. At her school, she felt like she was invisible, except to her friend who was a janitor. Until one day, Candy was kidnapped by unknown persons.

Stealing Candy by Stewart Lewis was a good read. Well, it started as ‘getting to know the character first’, who is she and her background. Candy grew up without parents that became the reason that she grew up independently. But sometimes, she wishes that she was gone. And unexpectedly,  wishes do come true.

Yeah, that’s what the title was all about, ‘Stealing Candy’. You want to know the reasons? Hmm. Read it.

Until now, I still didn’t know what to feel about the first few pages of this story. It’s not that it has a remarkable introduction or what, but honestly, I really forget what happened in the 15% of this book. What I’m saying is, some stories will capture you from the beginning that you will find yourself really enjoying the book until the end. Well, Stealing Candy doesn’t have it.

But during 50-60% of the story, it started to mold into a good and meaningful story that I am longing for. And that’s the enjoyment and twist became to happen. As for the twist, don’t expect it to have some big explosion, I bet you will able to know what it is when you read it.

For the characters; especially Candy, I didn’t find any annoyance towards her. But as for the story, she was not the character to remember for.

Overall, it still a good book to read. It may not have an astonishing twist, but I’m sure that you will still enjoy this one.


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