Book review: The Dogs I have kissed

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Author: Trista Mateer

Format: Kindle edition

Publication date: June 30, 2015

3 Stars



Known for her eponymous blog and her confessional style of writing, this is Trista Mateer’s second collection of poetry.


My thoughts

The Dogs I have kissed by Trista Mateer was a collection of short poems about love, hopeless romance and so many realizations in one. One day, I just found myself that I need to read some kind of poems like you were craving for a food that you really want to eat. I’ve been searching and searching until I found the last year’s winner of Goodreads choice for best poetry. Oh, and the binge reading starts.

So, this is what I had concluded; at the first few pages I am easily captivated to the words that Trista Mateer used. I am easily indulged in to the phrases and feelings that brought in this poetry that you can easily finish it in one sitting without blinking your eyes (I’m just kiddin’ to the part of not blinking your eyes).

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There were lines that I am easily gulped myself in:

“…Don’t you ever let another human being tear you a-part. Remember that you have claws and teeth, too.”

And my favorite:

“…The poet wants to stop writing about love and predators but when she puts down the pen, she always finds the poems anyway.”

BUT—as the pages were through the middle until the end, it became such like a competition of repetitions, and its sparks slowly fades away. I am not an expert about reviewing for poetry genre; but well I am still a reader, and when you felt that the excitement easily diminished, that’s it. You’re not enjoying it.

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Well, I still liked it but I expected so high about this because it was last year’s winner for this category. All in all, it was still an astonishing ride while reading this, at least.


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