[Book Review] The Spec Set by Taya Okerlund

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Characters that are like in the X-men movies really caught my attention, that’s why I eagerly read this and found myself devouring this one even if I was super busy this past weeks. The writing style of Taya Okerlund wasn’t hard to get into, her choice of words for her book was easy to understand.

While reading it, these were the thoughts came into my mind especially during 30-70% of the book.

“Why E was such an asshole brother sometimes?”

“Lily was very mysterious… Hmm”

“I don’t know if Max has powers?”

“Sometimes I don’t get these characters, to be honest.”

“Ugh. Why Lilly was selfish sometimes?”

Well, those were one of my thoughts while reading the chapters in the book. The story was okay, but it feels like the focus really shifts so fast. That’s why there were questions that became unanswerable in the end. Yes, it wasn’t hard to devour this book, but if feels like I don’t get it in the end, like I don’t get the characters so much. There were no character developments for all of them… only the powers they inherit. It was lack of digging more to the story and to the characters, that’s why the story seems so shallow.

Overall, it was an okay story for me. If you are a fan of teenagers with powers, maybe you can like this one. This book was not for me, to be honest.

*E-Arc copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest REVIEW *

Inter-dimensional espionage is child’s play. 

Sucking liquid nitrogen-frozen popsicles in a geek hostage program (science camp) is the last way Emile wants to spend his summer, but when a camp chemistry experiment explodes into a full blown FBI accusation against his little brother Max, Emile has real work to do.

Emile knows Lilly Fang can help, and will, if he can avoid antagonizing her for ten minutes. Actually, Lilly Fang has a lot of secrets, including a lifelong neurological condition, a set of fantastical super powers, and a reporting relationship with CIA. Lilly assembles a defensive team in Max’s behalf. The teens will need all their strength (and their weaknesses) to find the thief and foil a potentially universe-spanning bomb threat. The chase will take them as far as the Y Universe, where physical laws make everything chemically unpredictable. 

The Spec Set is a contemporary fantasy like The Breakfast Club meets X-Men. 


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