Book Review: Wild Embers by Nikita Gill

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Title: Wild Embers
Author: Nikita Gill
Publication Date: November 16, 2017
Format: e-book



4 Stars

They have lightning in their souls, thunder in their hearts, chaos in their bones.
Nikita Gill’s poetry has captured hearts and minds all over the world; her inspirational words have been shared hundreds of thousands of times online, been plastered across placards on international women’s marches and even transformed into tattoos. This collection will showcase mostly unseen poetry and prose, delving into ideas about passion, identity, empowerment, and femininity.


“And if they berate you and push you down, and break you and tell you over and over again how you are not enough, remember how Pluto had once dissolved to being nothingness and is fighting its way back into being a planet again.”

There were so many feels while reading this poetry book. And I can’t coherent the words how to describe this beautiful art. This poetry tells all the heartaches, self-love and being strong no matter how hard the challenges are.

This was my first poetry book written by Nikita Gill, and it will not be the last. Though there were times that the words or the concepts were sometimes redundant, the effects it made was undeniably strong.

Hope I can read more works of Nikita Gill! A thumbs up and 4/5 stars for me!


  • Have you read this poetry book by Nikita Gill?
  • Any poetry books that made you feel so attracted to any words it says?


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