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How I became a reader?




  1. A person who reads or who is fond of reading.

Being a reader doesn’t create from seeds and just give them water so they will grow. Being a reader is not a job you will pay for. Being a reader is not as easy as counting 1-2-3. A reader is – a person who is enjoying the book he reads, learns from it and live with it.

I become a reader not just overnight, and I do not become a reader because I want to join the bandwagon who bought new releases books, collects and then not read it. That’s not what I am. This is what I am – and I will tell you a short story of HOW I BECAME A READER.

When I was a child, my grandmother used to buy me books with just a few pages in it. I always tell her to buy me children’s books and sometimes a dictionary in it. And I’m really so happy when I went home with those things. Aside from that, I learned how to read because I used to read advertisements on billboards because my grandmother loves to bring me to her former house; and every time we travel, I always love to seat beside the window on the bus while watching and reading as we pass by. At a young age, I read fast because of that.

During high school, I have really no time in reading as a pleasure or as a passion. I became busy because of school works and the like. But one time, one of my friends Ma. Joanalyn Banocnoc told me about a good story before. And I became interested in the way she elaborates the story that I became curious to know more about it. That’s why I borrow that book from my another friend Mond Cruz. Do you want to know what book that I became first interested with? It’s the TWILIGHT.

I still remember how many times I became addicted to Bella and Edward’s story. As a young age, I am really a hopeless romantic, those scenes in the book made me giggle like an idiot. Can’t you believe that I read the book twice? I repeat, TWICE. And I really took notes of my favorite lines in my notebook.

Sadly, because of schoolwork and we are not that rich to buy books, I haven’t had the courage to continue my passion in reading.

And when I graduated from college and have my first job, that’s my starting point to collect books. From 20 books up until now that I have more than 50 copies, it’s really unbelievable that before I just borrowed books from my friends and now.. wow, I’m just so teary eyed. It’s really an accomplishment for me as a bookworm.

Now, I am now a full-time reader, and I have the time to read without any hindrance of school works. Still, there are times that I haven’t read any book in a week, but it is really understandable. The important is, my heart and my soul have still a passion for reading.

I am really thankful for those people who are there to support my passion, you raised me as a true reader. What am I now if not because of you? You inspired me to continue what makes me happy. You inspired me to show what I really love. Thank you.

I learn so many lessons in life because of reading, I learn that if you really love what you are doing, the money, the time it will never a hindrance if you are really passionate. Sometimes, I think that if I fight for what I really love before, what really makes me happy, I’m sure that I have read so many books until now. Anyway, I am still thankful for what I have now.

To all the readers out there, please do continue to do what really makes you happy. I’m sure that it is really worth it. And I hope that I will inspire you today.

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  1. So personal and I can relate a lot with you! I think that some of us had that turning point of no return after reading one book that made us want to read the world out. In my case, the book that did it was: The Hunger Games. I watched the movie and I liked it so much that I bought the first book and then I bought the second and third one together! College for me has restricted me from reading as much as I want even though I read literature, I have been able to read another bunch of books that I did not know existed haha
    Great review! I like it a lot! <3 Keep it up! Keep reading! and Keep sharing the love! <3

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