Journals: Ten Random Facts about NICAY


Hello! It’s been a while since I posted here in my blog, and I’m sorry for being MIA because I need to cope up with what’s happening in my life, and this pandemic situation. But I want to be back on track especially on my blogging because I missed writing. While searching for some blog topics on Pinterest, I came up with this idea of #Dailyblog for 30 days! I know it will be difficult since I’m also working, but I’m open to this challenge!

Just an update for you all, I just celebrated my birthday yesterday (May 31, 2020), and it was such a blessing to be able to celebrate it with my family and loved ones. I’m thankful even if we are having this pandemic, there are still things to be thankful for, right?

Anyway, for this day one of my #Dailyblog I will share some 10 random facts about me because I haven’t done this since I started my blogging journey. So let’s start?

Random Fact #1:

I collect cute notebooks and ball pens, then I will not use them. (Who is guilty of this one? Haha)

Random Fact #2:

I eat a lot, but I don’t get easily gain weight.

Random Fact #3:

When I started something (for example a hobby), there are times that I would not able to continue or finish it.

Random Fact #4:

I still have my basic keypad phone aside from my android phone. Well, I love using it because it is really handy for me.

Random Fact #5:

I love anime and I cosplayed 2 times. Though to be honest, I stopped cosplaying because of – well priorities.

Random Fact #6:

I love spicy and sour food.

Random Fact #7:

I don’t like cake and chocolate, except for dark chocolate.

Random Fact #8:

I laugh super hard even if the joke is not funny at all.

Random Fact #9:

I love coffee so much that even if the weather is super hot, I still drink it.

Random Fact #10:

I’m a super sleeper.

I still have more facts about myself, but I want to trim it down to 10 facts. But, I’m sure you already know now about me right? 😊

How about you?

Can you also share with me something about you?


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