Delight by Moras Dela Paz: "A sweet delight for your cravings"

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Title: Delight

Author: Moras Dela Paz

Publication Date: April 16, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition


I can’t believe that this book was such a cute read. Delight by Moras Dela Paz was all about childhood enemies turn into lovers, losing the friendship but at the same time knowing more friends as you grow, and sometimes about family relationship. The story combines all the cuteness and moral lessons into one.

Elie and Serena are the best of enemies since they were a child, Elie always mocks Serena that he even called her a puffer fish because Serena was a chubby girl back then. Serena, at that time, hated Ellie so much, but as they turn into a teenager, Serena distance herself with Elie, but one-time Elie failed on his studies because of some situation, and his parents decided if Serena was willing to teach Elie, and from that the rest is history.

The story of these two people grows, and as they reach for their dreams, there were times that they lose friends as they grow, which as per Elie it was inevitable.

The things I liked about this book is aside from its cuteness, the story emphasizes how the characters value friendship and their family, which are the most common traits of a Filipino. I am so glad to read a book made by an amazing Filipino author, and how she emphasizes the importance of Filipino culture in so many ways.

You think you know someone…

Serena and Eli have known each other for as long as they can remember. Their parents are good friends and all but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to get along as well. Serena always thought that being a basketball prodigy destined for the pros has made Eli obnoxious and she finds his inflated ego out of this world.

However, with failing grades hindering Eli’s road into the pros, Serena helps him out of kindness and goodwill. Just kidding! Truth be told, she prefers to use her free time baking rather than endure Eli’s unpleasant company. Until her parents “ask” her nicely to tutor Eli, the ever-obedient Serena, afraid of being a disappointment, reluctantly agrees.

As the two of them spend more and more time together, they learn that even if they’ve known each their whole lives there are some things about each other that is just a delightful surprise.

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