I passed the Microsoft certification exam!


It should be posted last week, but I got no time since I was still in cloud 9 after passing the exam. Hehe. So, here’s a little background story about my work – I’m a Microsoft Navision/Business Central Functional Consultant or in our company if Sr. Consultant it is now called Project Consultant. Navision or the new version which is called Business Central is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or a system for small to medium, as well as big companies can also use it. Since my job role is a Project Consultant, I am responsible for implementation until the go-live (this is our term if the users or the company can start using the system to input their actual transactions).

Here are also some of my key responsibilities as a Project Consultant:

Business Process & Application Configuration

  • Ensures accurate system setup according to business process recommendations and controls
  • Identifies and recommends business process improvements and simplifications
  • Resolve issues and helps others by applying specialized knowledge and expertise

Training & Demonstrations

  • Ensures effective conduct of system training and demos during pre-sales meetings, implementations, and post-implementation sessions

Policies & Procedures

  • Ensures adherence to company policies, procedures, standards, and deliverables on project implementation and integration methodologies for all projects

Project Management

  • Ensures assigned project activities are performed on time and within cost estimates
  • Ensures activities undergo proper milestone approvals and signoffs across the project management process

Decision Making Authority

  • Recommendations done within the assigned projects

Gosh, I still can’t believe that I will be one of the consultants of a system. Since Business Central is one of the products of Microsoft, a consultant of an ERP should have a certification related to the product he/she implements. Then, last March 5, 2022, I took the exam, and to be honest, I think I have a heart attack while taking the exam! But it was a great experience for me. I want to congratulate myself for passing the exam, and you did it! More certifications to come!

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