Lauren Kate's book signing event & Fallen movie promotion

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Last November 6, 2016 (Sunday), I went to Lauren Kate’s book signing event, and at the same time, it’s the promotion of the movie adaption of her Fallen book.

I’m so excited that I would meet them! For Lauren Kate’s book signing, it’s her third time to visit the Philippines. And I always missed that opportunity, but this time I really grab this another especial occasion.

The place of the event was in Greenbelt 5, Makati. To be honest, I thought it was Glorietta 5, luckily the Greenbelt 5 was just an almost 5 minutes walk (I think?).

I went there alone (again). It’s really sad that my friends wouldn’t go there with me, but at the bright side, I would also find new bookish friends.

When I went there almost 7 am, luckily the line wasn’t that long. 🙂 And I met my bookstagrammer friends! And as usual, we chat and chat all about books.

Around 11 am, we registered at the registration booth of the National Bookstore to give our numbers and signing pass.


I’m so happy that my number was not over 100! Yahoo!

After we registered, I and my new found friends visited the local bookstores and after that, we ate and as usual – book talk.

Around 2pm, the event has been started.

When Lauren Kate and Harrison Gilbertson showed, every one of us in the event was shouting, and we were very excited!

Every answer of Lauren and Harrison was really a good one.

After the questions and answers, the book signing event has been started.
When my time has come, I am bit shaky when I met Lauren. And this was our conversation:

Lauren Kate: I love the tabs on your book. (My Fallen book)

Me: Thank you. Those tabs were for the beautiful lines in the book.

Me: I really love the ending of Rapture, and I was really crying for the ending.

Lauren: Ohh. Thank you.

Actually, my voice was really shaky when I really said that words. 😀

After the signing, I hug Lauren Kate. 🙂


And here is our picture together:


Wait there’s more.

I also met Harrison Gilbertson at the book signing event. As I said earlier, they were there to promote their Fallen movie.

Harrison Gilbertson was so nice and he was always smiling even the event was really tiring.

I’m so happy that I finally met them. And because I love the Fallen saga, I will watch it’s movie soon! 🙂
Here is the full trailer of the Fallen movie:

Fallen Movie Full Trailer


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  1. Aw. I’m sure this will be recorded as one of your most unforgettable experiences, Nicay! Your happiness transcends my monitor screen and reaches my face. hehe. I’m really happy for you and thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. 😉

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