Life update: January to March 2019


Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since I made a life update on my blog, and I missed doing it because aside from sharing it with you, I also get a recap on how my life’s going on. And I’m happy to announce that I will be doing this every month. It feels so good to know all the happenings, lessons and blessings I received from those months.

So, for now I will share with you my first quarter life update, and I hope aside from sharing it, I get to inspire YOU.

January 2019

First, I will share with you what happened on the month of January 2019.

During New Year’s Eve, we celebrated it with my family, and it was a small gathering, but it was the best one for me. We wore red t-shirts which my sisters and I insists on doing it, and gladly our parents did it, and we were so happy. New Year’s Eve was so loud with fireworks and it was full of laughter. We ate and talked, and I’m glad I’m celebrating this special moment with my family.

Next is, on that month also, I went to Planetshakers concert held in Araneta Coliseum here in the Philippines. Though I was late; and there were no seats available at that time, I’m still glad that I was able to attend my first Planetshakers concert. When I was there, the people inside sang every song the band played, and I was really carried away because of the love it poured inside of the concert. So much blessed and inspired to be there witnessing the love and grace of our God.

February 2019

For the month of February, I decided to do my first mini project, and this was my DIY phone case. I read it on Pinterest and I really got inspired to do it myself. Though, I used bond paper instead of sticker paper. I printed it and cut the designs and put the cute designs on the back of my phone. After that, I put the clear case and tadaaa! It was really pretty! I will do many mini projects from now on! Thanks to Pinterest!


On my first trip this 2019 was when we went to Ilocos. Though I already visited the place years ago, I decided to join again because I want to see the beautiful places there again. And no regrets, I was happy to be back there. We visited many places, and we really enjoyed our 3 days and 2 nights there.

March 2019

For the month of March was full of events, National book store held a Book Blow Out which they sold books from 20% up to 80% discount. Such a great deal! I bought so many books and graphic novels also, which I will share it with you on another blog post. It made my wallet broke, but there were no regrets because I’m a happy bookworm in the end.

March 24 was our 8th anniversary of my boyfriend. We didn’t celebrate our anniversary together because of some circumstances, but we still made that day special through communication.


I would like to share with you also my hobby these past months. Because I love taking pictures, photography became my passion until right now. And because of my passion, I think many people appreciate what I captured. I attended and became the photographer in my Uncle’s wedding, the daughter of my auntie’s christening, and an unexpected marriage proposal during New Year’s party in our place. It was so much fun to be included on those events, and the fact that they trust my skills and my passion is the best feeling ever. Thank you, thank you.

I hope I made my recap so good, and doing it right now made me smile more. I have mistakes made on the first quarter, but those mistakes, I turned it into lessons. I hope for the next month will be a good one – no… I’m already claiming that the next months are the best. 😊

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