Life Update: September 2017


Hello, everyone! Sorry for being MIA for so many weeks. I became busy in my work and my life also. Even though I’m busy; I miss writing in my blog, that’s why I’m back to give you my life update. *winks

As I said earlier, for the past couple of weeks I became busy at my work, which by the way I am a Junior Consultant in a Microsoft partner company. It was still stressful but I’m not forgetting to balance all my schedules. Though there were times that I’m feeling down because of too much toxic, I’m still thankful to my family and especially to God.

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While in my reading; I’m not that in a slump, but because I always come home late from my work, instead of reading or doing anything, I just prefer to rest and prepare for tomorrow (sorry to my current readings). But, I’m still finding a way to read while I have in my work or in my idle time, which I am thankful for my kindle. ^^

This September, there was book event in our country (Philippines), the Manila International Book Fair. Sadly, I didn’t go because I have still books to read in my TBR pile, and I still need to finish all of them. Hehe. 😀

And, this month is my most exciting month, you want to know why? I became a representative in a Monthly theme box! Oh my gosh! This monthly theme box is Black Coffee and Poetry book box. It is a local theme box here in the Philippines, which I am so excited that I became a part of it. I will surely post it on my blog! I honestly can’t express how happy I am to be a part of it. Honestly, I tried so many times to be a part of a monthly theme box. So many attempts, but all of those attempts failed. Aww. But, I really learn something from those failed moments – that you need to try hard and maybe great things will happen, and that’s it, I became a part of Black Coffee and Poetry book box. So much happiness!

This month gave me a lot of lessons and opportunities. And those lessons? I will bring it in my next adventure.

Hmm. That’s it! I’m not that great in sharing my life events. LOL. Anyway, I missed you all! ^^

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