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Cruella Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama | May 28, 2021 (United States) Summary: A live-action prequel feature film following a young Cruella de Vil.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English, French

I am so excited to review this movie because after watching it almost 2 times, I’m sure that Cruella is now part of my favorite movies this year! Before I dive into the details of why I love it, let’s go back to the background story of why I watched it.

I became intrigued when I saw the trailer of “Cruella”, it is now about the “villain” of the 101 dalmatians. Before, I also loved “Maleficent” which intrigued me more about why the villain cursed Aurora or Sleeping Beauty. I have this curiosity about all the villains in every Disney movie, I know there was a reason why they became a villain, and I know for sure that they were at least good ones BEFORE they became what they are today. Sometimes we need to understand the two sides of the story before we judge someone, well it applies to everyone, villains or not.

So, I’m glad that after the Maleficent, Disney now tells the villain “Cruella”, and I must say that I loved it so much!

Okay, what are the things I love in this movie?

First, EMMA STONE! Emma Stone is the perfect artist to portray Cruella, and gosh I can’t believe she did it 100%! Don’t tell me otherwise because respect our own opinions. I can’t think now of any artist who will be perfect for the Cruella role in this adaptation aside from Emma Stone.

Second, the scenes, story, and the gowns! The story was remarkably good because it tells us the backstory of Cruella starting when she was born until she met Baroness and became the villain in the story. I was shocked at the twist, especially her origin. As to the gowns, I love everything Cruella made, her fashion, and her madness. Plus, I love her hair!

Third, aside from Cruella, my other favorite character is Artie (John McCrea). He is the suited and best helper of Cruella when it comes to arranging and doing her dresses… and her troubles. Cruella and Artie are the best duos when it comes to executing their fashion and troubles. I found an Artie compilation on YouTube for your reference.

And lastly, I love everything about this movie. The main characters, side characters, and even the Baroness are gorgeous and perfect. But there’s just one thing I need an answer to, especially the mid-credit scene… Maybe I may get this answer if there will be Cruella 2 soon. I hope!!!

Overall, I love this movie, and I don’t know how many times I mentioned that word, but I can’t think of any exact words that will fit to describe it.

I hope you enjoyed my movie review of Cruella, and if you haven’t watched it, please watch it now, and leave a comment or feedback regarding the movie so we can talk about it!

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