Movie review: Me before you

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Me before you movie was based from the novel with the same title wrote by Jojo Moyes; starring Sam Claflin as William Traynor and Emilia Clarke as Louisa Clark.

If you had read the novel, probably you already know what was the story all about, and for those who didn’t, well I will give you a brief summary of this.

Louisa Clark was in need of a job after her former work closed, she really needs to find a work immediately because her father didn’t have a job. Until, she found a care giving opportunity and her client was William Traynor, who has at that time suffering from quadriplegic disability. Well that’s it; you must watch it to know more about the movie.

My reactions towards the movie are like these:




The characters were so adorable, especially SAM CLAFLIN! They really portrayed the characters very well!

For the whole movie, there were some things missing (Well, I really expected that there were some edited scenes from the book to movie.) I don’t know what it was, but I’m not that really satisfied, I guess what was the content of the movie, and to be honest I’m not happy when I finished the book before. Still, I was glad that there were some good things about the movie if I will compare it from the book.

All in all it was good, not perfect but still a must watch movie.


4 Stars


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