My February and March 2022 Life Updates


Hello! How are you? I hope you are doing fine? I am a busy bee these past months due to work but thank God, I still manage in making a progress toward my goals so far. Anyway, this life update will be a combination of February and March 2022. So, I think this blog update will be kind of long? Hehe. Anyway, without further ado, I will now share with you my monthly recap.


February 2022 was a good month for me even though there was a lot of stress due to work, and I still thank God for the guidance because I was still able to surpass those challenges and stress.

This month also, I was able to read 8 books! It was still a good read for me, even though I want to read more books or achieve to read more than 10 books per month. Maybe in the next few months, I will be able to achieve it, right? By the way, I posted my book wrap-up for February, you may check it out HERE.

Aside from the books I read, I also want to share some of the special dates or important dates that happened this month.

We have another “Inuman” (drinking) and “budget samgyup” with my new neighborhood friends. We had a lot of fun eating, drinking, talking, and laughing. Every time we had a drinking session, we unexpectedly talking about “aliens”, “ghosts” or “multi-verse”, which we laughed at every time we talked about it as if we became “smart” during our drink. 😀

Then on February 19, 2022, after so many years I finally met my college friends! We dine in at the West Wings – Guiguinto which serves unlimited flavored wings. I loved their spicy chicken! Hehe. And we also went to Robinson’s Galleria – Malolos to have a Karaoke in the Time zone. Even though it does not have an aircon, and it felt like we were in a sauna we still had fun! I missed them so much! 😊 And I’m so proud of them because they achieved great things in life after we graduated.

My February was filled with so many bondings and reunions!

Then, on the projects, I made a “Words and Meaning Flash Cards”. This contains all the new words I encountered every time I read a book. I collate these words, search for their meaning, and write it on the index card. It is a big help because the reason I made this project is that I want to expand my vocabulary.

And before I go to the March update, here is my February 2022 Month Review:

MARCH 2022

While for March, it was a month of success and achievements for me at least, even though my habits were not consistent during this month. And to be honest, this month I became “addicted” again to social media, so I need to realign myself to my dreams and goals this year. Yeah, we will sometimes face that kind of downfall, but if we can stand up and continue, we will be able to surpass those challenges or downfall.

I mentioned that March 2022 was a month of success and achievements, right? So here are those:

On March 5, 2022, I passed a Microsoft Certification exam! It is a Business Central Consultant Associate exam. I took the exam online, and I don’t know at that time if I’m still capable of breathing because of my nervousness. I have my worries at that time that if I didn’t pass this exam, the exam fee will not become worth it. But thanks to God I was able to pass the exam! Thank you!

By the way, you may check my post about my certification exam HERE.

Aside from passing the Microsoft Certification exam, I met my co-work friends after 2 years! I went to Cubao, Quezon City to meet them, and gosh it’s been a long time since I went to Manila. We had so much fun talking about what happened to our lives these past 2 years, and as usual, the unending laughter consumes the entire Banapple restaurant where we have eaten.

Then, March 24, 2022, was the 11th Anniversary of my boyfriend. 😊 Though we didn’t celebrate it physically due to “personal” reasons, we celebrated it through video calls. I’m blessed to have this wonderful person in my life. Michael is like a best friend & a mentor to me. Thank you so much for loving me unconditionally. In God’s time, everything will fall into the right place.

As for the projects, I didn’t have any projects this month, but I started doing a “paint by numbers” of Kimi no Na wa (Your Name). Though I’m not still finished, I will still share with you my current progress.

And before I end this February and March recap, I want to share with you also my March 2022 Review:

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