My January 2022 Life Update


Hello! Hello! It’s been a while since I made a life update here in my blog (Gosh! I noticed that this opening statement became my favorite these past weeks. Hehe) Anyway, since I wanted to start the 2022 right, same with my book wrap up I will update my life or what happened to me for every month in this blog. It’s a good thing also because I will be able to record and cherish those special moments in my life, my highs, and lows, my achievements, and my failures. I will not leave behind any important things in my LIFE UPDATE blog segment because maybe someday when I get older, I will be able to read this blog post of mine and I will be able to look back for all the good, bad, and lessons I shared here. 😊

So before I cried myself here, I will share with you my life update for January 2022!

First, we have our “First New Year Party” with my not-so-new friends. Since the pandemic, the majority of the people in our place told me that they didn’t even saw me outside of our home. Some people I talked to during New Year thought I was working abroad! That’s crazy! Haha. The reason I am always at home is because our work is in a wfh set-up, plus I don’t have other reasons to go outside because it is better safe than sorry.

Why do I call them “not-so-new friends?”. I know it is funny but we are living in the same community, I have always seen them before but I don’t have the guts to talk to them. That time became a good opportunity for me to know them well and be friends with them. I can’t believe that despite our differences especially on AGE I was able to laugh and be comfortable with them.

Next is, I created my 2022 Reading Journal and 2022 Goal Tracker Journal. This was my first project for January 2022. I created these journals because I want to track my reading, learning habits such as continuing my ukulele and photoshop lessons, goals, and also my finances. Using these kind of trackers will help me to stay on the right path to achieve my goals.

Aside from those printed journals, I have a separate notebook in which I track my habits, mood tracker, my waterlog, and sleeping. Plus, I have my weekly highlights so I can make my mood board and write what happened to my life that week.

Then, my boyfriend introduced the Bible diary to me, and I started reading it since January 2022.

I also started exercising 2-3 times per week. There were times that I wanted to stop because my body aches (oopps), but my mind was focused on the reason why I want to do this – to become healthier and to achieve my preferred weight.

I also continued practicing adobe photoshop. As mentioned earlier, I tracked my photoshop practice because I wanted to learn more about using it. I started around 2019, but I didn’t continue it from 2020 to 2021. So I decided this year that I will start doing it again. By the way, here are my previous photo manipulations around 2019.

And here is my first photo manipulation for this year.

Here is my guide for the creation of my fantasy photo manipulation:

Then, I created my vision board again for 2022! This is my 3rd time doing it since I started doing vision board last 2019, though I skipped doing it last year (2021). So this is the best time to start creating a vision board! The concept of doing a vision board is putting images related to the things you wanted to achieve, it may be a goal or a habit. Once I finished doing a vision board, I always print it and put where I can always see it, and I also use it as my phone wallpaper.

For the books, I read a total of 11 books for January 2022! This is an achievement for me because last year I wasn’t able to read a lot. You may check my book wrap-up for January 2022: Book Talk: January 2022 Wrap up

For the finances, I also tracked my total expenses in shopee or credit card. I tracked it because I need to limit my purchases in shopee or credit card. Hehe. I have a limit of 1k-2k per month only, and the total shopee purchases for January is 1,051 only. 😀

All in all, January is a great month for me. 🙂 I also put my January overview below in which I indicated my lessons and my gratitude for the month. And for the month of February, please be good to us. 🙂

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  1. Wow this is comprehensive. I like the way you write on your journal. I have a plain planner with me and your post gives me ideas on how to work with mine. Continue being productive!

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