Product Review: Kishu Cubes by Kishu Bags

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I have trouble sometimes to bring just one bag for all of my travels, especially if our travel is more than 2 days. Two bags are my minimum, and I became irritated when packing because I can’t control myself to bring many things especially clothes (well, because I believe that it is better prepared than sorry). That’s why I looked for a cube that can compress all my clothes, and minimize my TOO many bags during travel.

I thought it does not exist until luckily while browsing on Instagram, I found Kishu compressor cube by Kishu Bag (IG handler: @kishu_bag) At first, I checked the reviews of these cubes, and I was amazed how these clothes fit! I bought it before our Ilo-Ilo trip, and I was really excited to try it when it came, and excitingly put my clothes in the cube.

Here are the actual clothes that I brought during our Ilo-Ilo trip:


The cubes contains: 2 dresses 1 romper dress 1 pajama 2 shorts 1 cycling short 3 t-shirts 1 towel and the mickey mouse mini bag for the undergarments

Here is the process of using the Kishu cubes:

Step 1: Put all the clothes to be used in the Kishu bag. Then, close the cube by zipping the first zipper.


Step 2: Next is, zip the second zipper below the cube. Closing the second zipper can be easy or not, depending on the volume of clothes you put in the cube. For me, it was not easy because of the towel and the mickey mouse bag I put above all the clothes. The good thing was, it still compressed and flattened the clothes inside. It made the cube from 4-5 inches to 1-2 inches size.


And, finally, the cube fits in my backpack with so many spaces to put in it!

If I would not use any cubes for my travel, my bag wouldn’t have any spaces left for the other things such as toiletries and slippers.

The product was really worth to use. For only 470.00 PHP (9.25 USD), you will have two cubes already. The material used was good, and I am confident that it will last for a long time.

For those who love to travel but didn’t want any stress when it comes to packing their clothes, this is the right product for you!

I recommend it big time!

Please follow their Instagram account (@kishu_bag) to inquire more about the product.





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