Sometimes you just want to stare at the sky for so long. To take rest from all the pressures and heartache’s that life’s throwing at you. You just need silence and yourself. If your body was well rested but your mind and your soul was not; at the end you felt like really tired. Just give yourself a minute of calmness, inhale the good ones and exhale the bad things inside. Try it, because I always trying that one for so long, that I still have my sanity at this moment.

There were times that you want to cry and shout all the pains inside. You felt sometimes that you didn’t want to share the pain to others and you just want to give yourself in to the depth of silence. Yes, you get tired–of pleasing the others, tired of doing all the responsibilities and you just want to sit all day thinking all the positive thoughts you can gather as long as you’re there. Until, when the time comes you already fixed yourself, you can face all the challenges and be a better person as you are right now.


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