The Dosage of Life: Episode Five: Thank you, 2019 for the lessons

The Dosage of Life

2019 became a challenging one for me, there have been so many ups and downs in my life that sometimes I just wanted to quit and crawl in my bed, and forget all about it or forget that I existed. It’s hard to recall all the happenings for the past year because I just wanted to remember the happy or fulfilling ones only. But, life is not always sweet like a candy, we sometimes need to taste a bitter-sweet memory, because I know you will agree with me, “some of the important lessons came from heartaches and struggles”. But we will not talk about the bad or not the good ones that happened this year, thus we will talk about the lessons I learned for 2019. I usually make this when the end of the year comes, because we need at least a day of reflection in our lives, right?

So today I will share with you the lessons I learned for 2019. I hope at the end of this blog post, you will get something from it and be inspired.

Failure is not a sign of weakness

Every moment we encounter failures: Failure in our work, failure in the house, and failure being ourselves also. Failures are part of our lives, and we cannot avoid it, but we can redirect it as positive by standing up once again. Even though how many times we fail, we still need to continue and bring the lessons as we go through the progress in life. It is not a sign of being weak, but it is a sign of courage. So don’t be afraid to face it, we will be able to get it through.

If you haven’t accomplished some of your goals this year, it’s okay!

Some of us even me was making a list of goals we want to achieve every time the new year comes. But there were circumstances that some of them haven’t completed it. It’s okay, don’t worry about it. Just think of it, if you have accomplished 1 goal out of 5, celebrate it. If none, don’t give up yet. Everything takes time, persevere and we will achieve all our goals soon.

I’m still a work in progress, and that’s okay

I’m 26 yrs. Old, and to be honest I haven’t accomplished all of my goals YET, some of them, yes and I’m still proud of my progress. No matter how old or young you are, we are still a life’s work in progress. Along the way, we will learn something new, fail and achieved something which will help us to become a better person. Don’t be sad if you haven’t figured it out all yet, soon life will throw those answers at you. Just enjoy the journey of life.

God always make ways to make sure that everything is according to His plans.

I always see, hear all about it, but I still didn’t remember it by heart. Until recently, I realized that God was throwing signs at me that some of my plans were always failing. And then I realized that my plan was not according to His plan, that I didn’t consult Him that if my plan is according to His will. That’s why it felt like I’m lost every time something not good happened in my plans. In truth, He just wants to point at me that it happens because He knows what was better for me.

Too early to tell, too early to quit.

My boyfriend texted me this phrase to me when I told him I wanted to quit as a Financial advisor because I don’t know if I will be able to meet the requirements in my part-time job. He told me that quitting too early will not solve anything. I just realized that I was back in the old self that if some scenarios were not become easy, I just sometimes stop and quit what I’m currently doing. To be honest, I stopped my Master’s degree last 2018, because I think I was not capable of continuing it, and I missed having my weekends. (Don’t laugh at me, it was really the reason) But, this time I will continue being a Financial advisor because I remember the reason why I joined Sun Life Financials – I want to be an inspiration to people in terms of handling their money. Even though it is hard, I will still fight and continue to become successful.

Those are the five lessons I learned last year, and I will bring these lessons as I go through my journey. I know life will not be easy for me this 2020, but I’m sure I am now strong enough to shield all of it.

That’s it! I hope you get inspired by all the takeaways I shared for the past year. And I wish you all the best for the year 2020!

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