The Dosage of Life: Episode Four: Start with your WHY

The Dosage of Life

Hello! It’s been a while since I created a new post for the Dosage of Life segment. Actually, it’s been a roller coaster ride in my life since August 2019 started. There are times that there were indecisiveness in all of my decisions in life, on what I love? What I am passionate about? I don’t know if it’s because of mid-life crisis? I guess? But since August, I felt down lately, felt uninspired, felt unmotivated. There were times that I just want to be alone by myself. I know all of you felt something like that, and I will tell you, “It’s fine to feel that emotions.” I will not judge you for that.

Since today is September 2019, the universe gave us the chance to start again. To get back on something we lost in ourselves.

I just want to share with you something that helps me, and motivated me to continue.

“Know and start with your WHY.”

I became a Financial Advisor this year, which is an achievement for me. But, it’s not easy to become a financial advisor, but I know it is worth it. Lately, I became unmotivated if I will become fine with this decision in the end. But, I remembered a lesson which I started to apply on my life right now – “Start with your WHY.”

I learned this lesson when we attended a seminar in our branch for financial advisor rookies. We asked one by one, “Why are you here?” “Why you are doing this?”. And majority of us have one answer, “To help Filipino’s to achieve Financial freedom.” I thought this lesson would just slipped by on my mind, but then one time I decided to open my notes from the seminar, and I found out that your WHYS will lead you to a right direction, because you have that called deeper reason to continue.


Ask ourselves, why? Why we are doing the things we love? The things we are passionate about? Why are we here? Is it just to exist? I guess it wasn’t.

Each of us have the reasons why are we here, why are you here. You don’t know it yet, but I know deep inside that you keep moving forward every day even if it is hard because you have the WHY that leads you.

If you know your WHY, everything else will follow. Don’t start with WHAT, don’t start with HOW, but start within the deeper core which is the WHY. Click To Tweet

I’m still a God’s work in progress, but I know for sure that everything will become okay in the end. Our goals, our dreams now have the WHY that will guide to achieve it.

Yes you, you will make greater things in life. Trust me, you can achieve it.







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