THE DOSAGE OF LIFE: Episode One: Don’t be afraid of the beginnings

The Dosage of Life

Hello! Welcome to my new segment in my blog, “The Dosage of Life”.

First I want to thank all the podcasts I am listening right now because it inspires me to create this new segment, and also inspires me in my perspectives in life. I called it THE DOSAGE OF LIFE because when you are sick, sometimes you need to drink a dosage of medicine or a dosage of ‘’rest’’ to be able to fully become well. Which, I truly relate it to my life right now. In this stressful world, you need at least a dosage of something like rest or some inspirations so you can fully extend and enjoy the life.

This new segment in my blog can have any topics as long as it is under the sun. You can recommend some topics that you want me to share, you can suggest it via the comment section after this post.

So, let’s start by introducing my first topic for this day, the title is Episode One: Don’t be afraid of the Beginnings.


Every one of us is afraid of “beginnings’’. We are afraid to start this or that, we are also afraid to take risks and start all over again because we believe that we are okay in our comfort zones. Me too, to be honest, I’m afraid to start all over again, which the best example is my current work. For almost 4 years, it became my comfort zone because it gives at least a good salary, I have my circle of friends and I already know the people in my work; but at this rate, it doesn’t really make me happy anymore.

I know you want to ask me, “why wouldn’t I leave?”, “why I can’t take risks?”. Simply because, I am afraid to start or begin again, I am afraid of the new beginnings.

But then someone made me realized that “Go, Girl, you need to do it! Do what makes you happy.” And I finally decided that before the end of the year, I will go where my heart truly belongs.

Don’t be afraid of the new beginnings, if you want to do something like a new hobby or you really wanted to sing or learn new things, don’t afraid to push through it. Just go! If your heart says that it will truly give you a wonderful smile and happiness in your life, why not grab it. Don’t be afraid to start from scratch because as long as you are enjoying the progress, it will result to, “Ah yes! I’m glad I did it”.

Beginnings like the sunrise every morning gives us a new inspiration to go through or push through what will be the goals of our lives. And it also the best time to learn new things as you go along on the journey.


Wow! I think I made the first episode a bit long, but I hope you get inspired to the things I shared to you today. We are both getting inspired to what I am sharing, and I hope you will like this new segment in my blog. So, stay tuned to the next episodes I will share! Thank you!


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  1. Love this! I was at a job for 10 years and so miserable, pretty much doing everything there and thought ‘I’m already doing everything – why not just do it for myself?’ It took 3 years of courage to quit, but I finally did it and now 5 years later on my own, I’ve never looked back! New beginnings are scary but can be so rewarding!!

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