The Dosage of Life: Episode Seven: How do you want to see yourself this 2022?

The Dosage of Life

My mind feels blank, and I’m staring at my word document hesitating which best introduction should I put in this new episode of The Dosage of Life. Well, I feel the pressure because it is the first dosage of life episode this year. But, at the back of my mind it says that take it easy, don’t pressure yourself too much.

I just wanted this episode to focus on how we see ourselves this 2022 – on how we will pursue the path of the new year in our lives. I felt pressure to be honest, but at the same time, I felt excited that a new year means I am starting fresh, starting on achieving some of the goals I wanted to achieve.

If I will reflect on myself in regards to last year, I must say I am not proud of myself, to be honest. There were times that I became lazy, and felt that I haven’t achieved anything related to myself. But, I know some of you may disagree, and some of you might say that “at least you survived the pandemic, and that’s the best thing.” I know it and I am thankful that my family and I are healthy and blessed amidst the pandemic. But I can’t blame myself to think that I felt jealous sometimes of some of the achievements of my friends or colleagues. Please, don’t be angry at me, I know 100% that we have our timeline. But I can’t help myself to feel that way, and it feels weird that I also felt motivated to do and achieve more.

Since the new year started, I plan on what goals I wanted to achieve this year no matter how small it is. I am tracking all these goals so that at the end of the year, I will know what are those small or big achievements I will achieve. (That’s the spirit, girl)

I just wanted to focus on how I want to see myself this 2022 – I wanted to become the confident woman I wanted to be, that’s my goal this year.

I know my goal is huge, to be honest, and I know that it will take a lot of time to do it. That’s why I list some of the goals or habits I started doing since the new year entered.

  1. I wanted to reach my preferred weight this year.
  2. I started exercising 2-3 times a week.
  3. I also started doing meditation using the “Headspace” app. They have kinds of meditation you can choose from.
  4. 1-2 liters of water every day. I have a big tumbler that I can easily monitor my drinking habit.
  5. And also I want to read more books.

I have also goals in terms of finances, and that’s to save this kind of amount (I will not disclose here. Hehe). And also to invest more, and to spend less on online shopping.

I included also some of the learning or lessons I wanted to start this year, I will share them once I finished doing it. 😊

So, that’s some of the goals I wanted to do this year in which will result in becoming the confident woman I wanted. And, I also want to share that I started social media hiatus last week, and I am doing it greatly.

Okay please don’t be pressured on the goals or habits I enlisted earlier, my goal here is I just wanted to share it so at least I can inspire others, and maybe I can meet a friend who wants to do it with me. And as I said, we have our timeline.

So, I just wanted to ask you this, how do you want to see yourself this 2022?

It’s okay if you haven’t figured it out this year or if you haven’t decided on what to do yet. It will come at the right time, and I know it.

I still have so many things in my mind that I wanted to say in this episode, but I think this blog post may become boring if I will make it a thousand words. Just kidding.

So, before I end this blog post, I wanted to say – I am proud of you now and what you will become.

Thank you for reading!

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