THE DOSAGE OF LIFE: Episode Three: Things I learned this 2018

The Dosage of Life

My 2018 has been full of ups and downs, well actually all of these years there were so many ups and downs. But the good thing is we are still here… surviving and most specially we are living. On my episode three, I am here to share the lessons and my mistakes I learned for this year. Why mistakes? Because as they say, if you want people to learn from you, don’t tell only your success but your failures and mistakes, because a lot of lessons will gain from it. So, let’s begin?

This is my biggest mistake this 2018 – spending beyond my means. I have actually an installment plan, and because at that time I was confident that I can still pay, so I took another installment plan on something. Small partial payments yet it made an impact on my monthly expenses. Actually, this year has been not good in terms of my financial. And that was my biggest mistake, and at the end I didn’t save anything. But on the bright side, all of those installments I have will end this 2018, thank goodness. I learned my lesson, and I’m starting to read some guides on how to save and some spending tips. The one I recently read is “don’t spend because you are too emotional’’, and I am that one. “I am stress and I need to buy this and that…” which actually didn’t help at all. That’s why if I am stress, I will get straight home, get rest and do some other tips.

The next thing is, I became easily stress when it comes to my work especially when clients were too many to handle at the same time. On the first and second quarter of the year, my working schedule and how I cope-up with work related stress wasn’t good, that’s why I ended feeling frustrated. Since October 2018, I started to do a tasks-for-week, so I can monitor the tasks I am doing that week, and what are the tasks done, then all the unfinished tasks will be accumulated by next week. This spreadsheet helps me a lot on my work, and I get things done sooner plus I get a free time with my friends after that. Since I made it, I can actually handle all of this, and my stress also.

I’m also grateful this year that I learned to appreciate myself more. Before, I was ignoring myself because I was focused too much on my work and others that I forget myself. I learned to appreciate myself in terms of saying ‘’good job’’ on myself when someone can’t. I get emotional when someone didn’t recognize the things I accomplished. So, I made it as a mantra on saying good things on myself because those things will not always be coming from others, you need to learn that saying, “I am beautiful”, “Good job, self” must come from you, and self-love will arise from that.

Next is, I started to accept my loneliness, talking and embracing it. Throughout my 25 years of existence I just learned that you need to embrace the loneliness also. Not because you want to be lonely, but because you need to face and talk to it, and eventually it will go away. I was at that time afraid to face it when I’m feeling sad, I just want to sleep so I will not remember it, but that’s not how it solves. This year, I tried to acknowledge those loneliness, talk to it like “why I’m lonely?’’, “why I’m sad?”, “why I’m feeling this way?”, and eventually, I realized that this loneliness is a part of myself also, it will fade but on how you acknowledge it will stay on yourself forever.

Those are some of my main lessons I learned this year but made an impact for me today until forever. I will bring those lessons to me so everyone and myself get inspired more. I hope by reading this, you will get inspire to tell the lessons and mistakes you learned throughout your life. Will you?

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  1. Love this. And you’re right, we learn from mistakes; our own or from others.
    I especially love the part were you talk about having to tell yourself that you did a good job, because we can’t rely on others doing that for us. I definitely have to work on that, too. Stop bashing myself when I don’t accomplish what I planned, too.

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