THE DOSAGE OF LIFE: Episode Two: Tips on how I heal my pain

The Dosage of Life

Hello! Welcome to my episode two of “The Dosage of Life”! I hope you enjoyed my first episode of this new segment. Now on my next episode, we will now tackle the “pain” or ”heartaches” or whatever word you want to describe the feeling of loneliness or sadness. I made this for my second episode because I went through to some pain just this week. Though I am not that person who broadcast like “Hello I am in pain, send help!!!”

I am the kind of person who just goes to my room and cry until I fall asleep, and the next day my eyes are just so big! But the thing I am grateful when I am in pain is I can now handle it more because before, it took me some weeks to get away from the pain I felt. And I am sure, you experience it when you are in pain, you just want to stay in wherever you are, and you don’t want to interact with others. But now, as I said, I can handle those pains because of outlets I made to release it, and I am glad that I will share this with you.


First, I release my pain through writing. I have a diary in which all the things I felt during that day was written on it. I write when I felt like I am bursting, and I don’t care what would be the outcome of my writing as long as I release those feelings. And after that, I became okay at that moment. Because the diary will never judge whatever pain I have, whatever decisions I made.

Second, I made a ”me time”. ”Me time” in terms of alone time or time of solitude. I sometimes eat alone like I did when I ate breakfast at some fast food store. My mind just wanders wherever and I don’t care. Because when ”me time”, I will not pretend to be happy if I’m really sad, I will not pretend to listen when others are talking if I’m not in the mood. And it’s okay to be alone sometimes because when you are alone, you are discovering and recovering yourself at the same time.

Third, I change my perspectives towards pain. When I was in my younger self, I was afraid of feeling pain as if it was a bad luck. I was afraid to face it, that’s why it took me longer to heal at that time. But now, changing my perspectives about it makes me heal faster than I expected. I think that pain is already a part of myself. The pain made me stronger, and it is the pain that builds what I am today. I face and accept that pain because you will not expect that pain will be the one to help you heal.


We have different ways to heal the pain. We have different times when we will gonna heal, there are shorter and sometimes there are a bit longer. But, no matter what pain you are feeling right now, I hope you will find your own ways to heal. Don’t be afraid of pain; face and accept it, because it is already a part of yourself, and it will be the one to help you become a stronger and wiser person.

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  1. I love how you’ve turned your pain into something positive. <3
    I too went through a rough patch a couple of week ago where it felt like I'd never be happy again. I wrote about the experience, and when I was finally coming out of it, I too started a blog post about how to feel better. It's mostly written, but it still needs some polishing, so I'll probably share it next week.
    I'm a little nervous about it. I'm not sure how it will be received, since I don't often talk about difficult personal stuff. But I feel encouraged that so many book bloggers are sharing their self-care tips, especially this month for some reason ^_^

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