The Madness of Qwerty by Edward Lee: "Madness Poem"

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Okay, I will not tell what this collection of poems was all about, I will just straight to the facts why I didn’t like this. I really love reading poems, but it is hard for me to find that collection of poems that will leave a mark in my mind and in my heart. I want that connection for so long, but I never find it in this book.

At first, with the title The Madness of Qwerty, what was really the connection of the title to the contents of the book? Until now I can’t find the answer to it. All the poems where just feel like a teenager can do it. You can’t connect to the words on it, and to be honest I just want to put down this book right away. My mind was saying, “can we skip the pages already?

I can’t say anything more about this book, and I will not recommend it to everyone.

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Edward Lee’s new collection concerns itself with matters that concern us all. Poems of deep love and hard passion sit alongside poems of heartbreak and depression, while poems of family mix with poems of hope and recovery. The Madness Of Qwerty will touch every inch of your heart, mind and body.




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