THREE YEARS OF BLOGGING: My Wonderful Journey and the Lessons I Gained

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I know it’s a little (?) late to share this, but I can’t erase the feeling that I need to share this post of mine because I want you to know how much I am thankful that you become a part of my blogging journey. So, I hope you will love this post because I really enjoyed writing it!


Happy Anniversary my sweet little blog! I can’t believe that’s been three years since I founded the THE NERDY SIDE OF A QUEEN, and I can’t believe for all the achievements this blog received whether small or big.

I want to thank first my friends and my dear followers for all the unending support for my blog. I love you so much!

I founded this blog because I just want to have another source or outlet to share my love of reading, and especially my love for writing. And this blog witness my ups and downs. My downs in which there were times that I almost gave up this blog, and I got no inspirations in writing. But then I realized that I will never throw away this blog and my writing because it is my outlet if I want to escape the world.

Three years of blogging, three years of a wonderful journey! *cries in the corner

Before I cry loudly here, I will share first the “Three lessons I learned” from my three years of blogging. (Why three? Well, obviously because of its three years! :P)

Lesson # 3:

My main objective before was I just want to have a blog because my book friends have it. It’s true! But then as the years went by, I realized that I want this blog to be the source of sharing my love of reading and writing, and hopefully to influence others.

I realized that everything you do always comes with a purpose. You will not see it at first, but eventually, you will realize that when it comes to blogging, as well as to life, the purpose will become your strength to continue.

Lesson # 2:

Followers count and statistics are the least important to me. When I was a newbie, it was my main objective why I founded my blog, but then I realized that I am happier when someone appreciates my writing, even though it was 1 or 2 persons only.

No matter how many followers you have, if you’re blogging because you just want to gain followers, then it is not blogging anymore. Blogging is sharing and making your readers happy by sharing your love for them.

Lesson # 1:

Friendship is the most important lesson I learned from my three years of blogging. And I’m so happy to know more people inside and outside the blogging community.


Blogging is not all about the counts of followers or number of statistics you gain, it is all about sharing your love with others so they can also feel it when they read it. And I want my readers to feel that I am sending my love for all of them. And I hope you got one from me!

Thank you for being a part of my wonderful journey!


10 thoughts on “THREE YEARS OF BLOGGING: My Wonderful Journey and the Lessons I Gained”

  1. I am so happy for you and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your blog even though I don’t comment much, but I hope you feel my presence from time to time. I truly love all your posts and I miss our buddy reads. More power to you Nicay and Happy Blogversary!!

  2. Congrats on your three years! That’s an amazing accomplishment. These are some great lessons. I love what you say about purpose. I feel like I’ve been working out what mine is when it comes to the blog for the last couple of months. I feel like a lot of people try it out for a few months and then drop off the face of the earth. I’ve done that before, and my goal at the moment has just been to find a way to keep my blog fun for myself and others. ^_^

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