TV Series Review: Put Your Head on My Shoulder

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Put Your Head on My Shoulder  | TV Series (2019) 2700min | Comedy, Romance | TV Series (2019) Summary: Si Tu Mo's graduation is close and she's unsure of her future plans, she then meets genius Physics student Gu Wei Yi and the two accidentally end up living together.
Countries: ChinaLanguages: Mandarin

One time while I was browsing on Netflix, I eagerly want to find a series that will make me hook and end up fangirling. I was that kind of girl when I finished watching a good series, I will watch it again a million times. At that time, I was looking for the same genre or at least the same of “A love so beautiful”, and also a light series that will not make my heartache because the real-life are too much to bear right now. Haha.

Anyway, as a recommendation by Netflix, I saw “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” a Chinese TV series. At first, I was not sure if I will like this one, but I still tried to watch it. And then… after I finished watching all the episodes of Season 1, I ended up re-watching it a million times. I can’t still get over it!

Here are the reasons why PYHOMS made me addicted:

1. A light yet sweet story:

As I was saying earlier, I was looking for a light series at that time. I was not in the mood during that time to watch a heavy drama series. The plot was easy to understand and to love. Don’t expect too much if you want a deeper and strong build-up in the story because it was not the strong part of it

2. Si Tu mo and Gu Wei Yi:

They are the main characters in the series. I love how they portray their characters here. Si Tu Mo was an accounting student but aspires to be a part of an advertising company, then she met Gu Wei Yi, a Physics student and they met in a little accident.

Si Tu Mo’s character was not a whiny character here unlike the main female lead in “A Love so Beautiful”. She is independent at the same time a nice and pretty girl. While Gu Wei Yi is an intelligent but silent Physicist. I guess I have a weakness when a male lead is a smart one. Hehe!

Their character development here was amazing, and to be honest Gu Wei Yi was too innocent in our world because there was a scene (Episode 22) that they have this intimate session(?), and then ended not being okay. That morning after, Gu Wei Yi searched about the reproductive system! Haha. I don’t know if I will laugh or be annoyed by this because Gu Wei Yi’s character made like too much innocent in that part.

P.S. If you watch or already watched the series, I love how Gu Wei Yi stares at Si Tu Mo when she laughs. Aggghhh! My heart!! <3

3. Slow Burn Romance:

One of the reasons I ended loving it was because of the slow burn romance. I was not a fan of instant love (maybe before) and I liked how they made the characters love slowly introduced. They started as friends, became close, and then they ended being together until the end!

While the mentioned details are the things I liked in the series, there was still part of it that I don’t like:

1. Gu Wei Yi’s Senior:

About Xie Yu Yin or Gu Wei Yi’s Senior, she was also a Physics student and colleague of Gu Wei Yi. She also likes Gu Wei Yi, but she was not that annoying 3rd party character in the story. To be honest, I was sad for her because she was not able to meet her partner also or I guess it was not the right time for her.

2. I want more episodes!

The series ended so well, but I was longing for the couple and I hope they will have a second season, in which we will see how they cope up as husband and wife. But I guess it won’t happen, and I don’t like it! Haha!

See? I told you, I like this series so much! Haha.

All in all a good series to start if you are a fan of not heavily love story. I recommend this if you want to feel that love is in the air, and also a light series to watch!

Thank you!

RATING: 9/10

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