Where we Fell-Amber L. Johnson

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Author: Amber L. Johnson

Format: e-book

Pages: 95 pages

Publication date: October 28, 2013

Publisher: Self Published
4 Stars
Oliver Bishop is having a seriously bad day. With one diagnosis, his life suddenly has an expiration date. Confused by the numbness he feels upon hearing the news, he decides that he needs some time to come to terms with it. One decision to visit his favorite diner causes him to unwittingly put himself directly in the sights of a girl that just may give him a reason to fight – and to live.
Because there’s a difference between living and just being alive.
My thoughts

A more than 80+ pages story? With a 5/5 star rating from me? How? Simple, it was a realistic, inspiring kind of love story. I expected that I would end up not liking this because I thought it will be a cliffhanger blah.. Blah.. Blah.. But it wasn’t.

A realistic life fiction of Oliver Bishop who suffered at that time because of his cancer. He never thought he wouldn’t find an inspiration to live until he met Hannah and gave a reason to live and survived. No, it wasn’t an instalove for me. And I’m thinking, you already imagined the ending? You already know what will happen? Yes, happily ever after. But that’s life isn’t? You also experience what it called Happily Ever After, it made life easier to live, easier to face all the challenges.

I don’t want to expect some kind of “plot twist” or some “swoony” guy over the story. I just want it simple. Amber L. Johnson didn’t gave me that, but she gave me more than I expected–an inspiration. No, I never cried in this story, but it gave me so much fulfillment that life–the life we have, we must cherish and fight it.


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